MPI specializes in Domestic Inquiries in all matters related to Family Law as it relates to Divorce, Adultery, Infidelity, Child Custody and Alimony Justification. MPI is all about uncovering the truth.  The truth can make all the difference in matters of Family Law. The truth can assist you in making that well informed decision as to what your next step will be in your process.  

We also have surveillance specialists that pride themselves in getting and presenting the facts indicative of the truth. Surveillances are not limited to domestic situations, but also include Workers Compensation, Insurance Fraud,or any situation that requires extended surveillance.
Investigators are available to testify to all information obtained during the course of an inquiry.

MPI can assist in balancing the scales of justice in criminal matters, assist you and or your attorney, locate and interview witnesses related to your matter,
re­ investigate accidents, review case matters, review court transcripts as well as provide photographs and video support of accidents or any criminal matters. We can provide photographs/videos of damaged property, personal injuries, and any type of photographic/video support.

Database searches are available and extensive. Some of the searches that can be conducted are Asset searches, background information, criminal histories, license plate checks, and many other forms of database searches. Contact our office for an extensive listing of searches and how they will benefit you. Database searches can be another tool to assist you in making that informed decision.

Process service
Our agency, provides process service, personal and posted services. We have proven ourselves related to "hard" services.